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masterMake HEAD requests send correct length header rather than 0donotturnoff2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-29Make HEAD requests send correct length header rather than 0HEADmasterdonotturnoff
2021-01-10Ensure adding new resources to resource viewer does not alter which resource ...donotturnoff
2021-01-10Allow several simultaneous statesdonotturnoff
2021-01-10Restrict title element to only have one child, a text elementdonotturnoff
2021-01-10Stop tracking assets from out and update .gitignoredonotturnoff
2021-01-10Slightly tidy SDSSParser and SDMLParser, and introduce SDMLException and SDSS...donotturnoff
2021-01-10Fix bug with style inheritancedonotturnoff
2021-01-10Undo change to body element which made elements not appear left-aligneddonotturnoff
2021-01-10Remove unnecessary style field and refactor to use styles map insteaddonotturnoff
2021-01-10Tidy render and refresh codedonotturnoff